Amino Acids: A Supplement Regime Essential

5th April 2018

Amino Acids: What Even Are They And Why You Need Them In Your Diet 

Amino acids are essential to a healthy, well balanced body. If you are an athlete, looking to add bulk muscle mass, want to build lean muscle or just want to be healthier overall, you need to know what amino acids are and how they work inside of the body. 

First, the science: 

Amino acids are smaller units that make up proteins, the complex molecules that are critical for normal human body function. 

Proteins are necessary in the structure, function and healthy regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. Often referred to as the ‘building blocks of muscle’ or even ‘the building blocks of life’, you can’t build strong, healthy muscle tissue without including protein into your daily diet.  

Proteins are catalysts for most of the biochemical reactions within the body. Combined with DNA and RNA, proteins establish the genetic organization of living organisms. About 20% of the entire human body is made up of protein. 

Long chains of amino acids are connected together via peptide bonds that, in turn, make up these useable protein structures for use in the body. 

Essentially, amino acids make up one of the most important structures of all living organisms in the human body. They give living cells structure and play a role in transportation and the storage of nutrients inside of cells. 

Specifically, amino acids help the body repair itself, both in wounds and in tissue repair. In this way, they help you build muscle. 

The Core Eight: 

There are eight amino acids that are considered essential for adults: 

  1. Isoleucine 
  2. Leucine 
  3. Valine 
  4. Methionine 
  5. Phenylalanine 
  6. Threonine 
  7. Tryptophan 
  8. Lysine 

These core eight amino acids can be largely ingested through diet. Meat is, by far, the best forms of dietary protein one can ingest, although nuts, eggs and fish also contain high levels of protein as well. Brown rice, certain soy products and beans are also a good source of amino acids and protein. 

While some people find it perfectly easy to eat a diet balanced in all of these foods, many more people find maintaining this ideal balance difficult or costly. 

That’s where protein supplements containing essential amino acids come into play, incorporating another, easily digestible form of amino acids into the body. 

Amino Acids: Building Blocks For Strong, Healthy Bodies 

Looking and feeling healthy is a goal for most everyone. Without healthy muscles and the essential elements that the body needs to function well, achieving a strong and healthy body is virtually unachievable. 

The solution is no secret; eating a balanced diet and getting regular, strenuous exercise is all you need to look and feel your best! 

Sometimes, however, getting the perfect balance of proteins and amino acids is not as easy as it sounds and protein supplements are essential to meeting your fitness goals as quickly as possible. 

Whatever your fitness goals may be, consider incorporating the correct protein supplement into your diet, pre and post workout in order to get stronger, faster. 

Let amino acids do what they do best in your body! You’ll be surprised how quickly they help you see real results. 

Protein Empire’s Recommendation

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