14th June 2018

When did you first begin training?

I first started training about 5/6 years ago. It was to lose weight initially as I was bullied at school for being over weight, totally lacked confidence and hated the way I looked. I had absolutely no clue about where to start or what to eat. A brand new Pure Gym opened up near my house, so I took the plunge and decided to join. At first, I would go in baggy clothing and the only machine I knew how to use was the treadmill. I just started running and pushing myself, whilst cutting down on junk food and take-aways. My aim at the time was to get fit enough so I would pass the fitness test for the police (as that was what I thought was my dream job). I ended up failing the maths tests and never got to sit the fitness test, however… as one door closes, another door opens! I had lost 3 stone and shunk from a size 14 to a size 6! Id got the fitness bug and the rest is history!


How many days a week do you train?

When I was competing, I was training 6 days a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day! Off season I’m about 4-5 days a week weight training and no cardio.

How did you become an online coach ? Your clients have had amazing results from your coaching.

Aw thank you! So I’m primarily 1-2-1 and I’m fully booked! But I wanted to still help people who I had to turn away for PT. So I started offering diet and exercise plans online that were flexible for busy working girls like myself! The inspiration from the plans came from my own experiences and I’m a huge foodie myself, so I’m really big on flexibility, treats and snacking within moderation! My clients transformations proves that you don’t need to eat rabbit food to lose fat and look insane!!

Do you think nutrition or training is more important?

Nutrition 1000%! of course they go hand in hand, however i’ve worked with so many clients that do not have a gym membership! they’ve lost weight and kept it off purely from having a calories controlled diet, all I ask of my clients if they keep ‘active’. This an be as simple as a dog walk, walking to work or playing with their kids at the park.

What kind of training do you do ? 

So my training is weight training. I don’t do any cardio, the only cardio my coach requires me to do is hit a minimum of 10k steps a day!

What is your favourite exercise?

Honestly, I just love going out for a walk with the dog and listening to a good pod cast! If I’m in the gym, my fave is back day!

What products do you use on a daily basis and when?

So i religiously use Protein Empire Turmeric twice a day and two capsules in the morning of the hair, skin and nails supplement – Beauty Complex

 Omega 3, every morning and  ZMA every single night to help me with rest and recovery
– I take a Creatine in the morning and again after training to maximise lean muscle gain and aid recovery

What is your favourite Protein Empire product and why?

It has to be the Turmeric! I had a really bad experience with my comp prep a few years back and ive suffered digestive issues ever since. I’d tried everything from cutting out certain food, to drinking straight vinegar (it was gross)! The ONLY thing i’ve found to ease my symptoms is PE Tumeric!

Why Protein Empire ?  

Protein empire first approached me when I was in my second year of competing and have stuck by me through the preps, giving me support and supplements to help me until comp date and beyond. Now all my clients LOVE the supplements and think the samples I can provide them free of charge is amazing. The customer service myself and my clients have received is second to none. The products are amazing value for money and great tasting. I’d highly recommend PE to anyone!

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